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Several Advantages of Visiting Museum for You Illustration - The Transport Museum of Batu. (PHOTO: Dok. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESPAPUA, JAKARTAMuseum might not becoming the first on the list during a vacation. For some people museum is kind of creepy and spooky. But nowadays, museum are made as eye catching as could be. And furthermore, visiting a museum has lots of advantages for us.

These are the advantages of visiting Museum.

1. Gives us more knowledge

Museum provides some additional information that we actually find on google but we rarely to catch it. By visiting Museum these information will be revealed and provided right in front of our eyes.

2. Meets and interacts with other people

Well, for you who has lack of self esteem, talking and meeting with new people might get help. You could talk to the curator of the museum about what is in it. Or may be meeting new people and interact with them.

3. Releases your stress

Museum usually designed for wellness and in a quiet ambiance. These ambiance is made to make you feel calm and enjoy the museum more. Adoring the museum collections and check each of the collections will make you forget every problem you have for a while.

4. Lots of beautiful spot

Nowadays, museum has been designed in a modern style. These make you have more choices and more beautiful spots to take some selfie or just capture the moment in your camera.

5. A consecutive time bound

Museum has a way to describe the history of their collection. They usually will describe the history in diorama or 3D movies that will take us back to the old times and understand the history easier.

So, what do you think? With all the advantages of visiting Museum, will you consider to put it on your list next time you go on your vacation?. (*)

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