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How Much is Your Daily Dose of Exercise? Illustration: Jogging

TIMESPAPUA, JAKARTAExercise is one of the best way to keep you stay for and healthy. Exercise has also becomes one way to help you lost your weight. But some people sometimes misundertood and just do exercise as much as they can. Little did they know, they need the right daily dose of exercise.

Taken from Mayo Clinic, the Department of Health and Human Services suggested everyone to do around 150 minutes maximum twice in a week. Or you could do 75 minutes aerobic.

Still according to them, you could do 30 minutes exercise daily if you like. Jogging, canoeing, back and forth, wall climbing or any other exercise you like. But if you would like to maintain your weight or lost more of your weight than you need more time to spend.

However, each and everyone has their own capabilities and abilities to do an exercise. You could talk to your doctor for the perfect dose of exercise you could take in a day.

Every country has their most popular app or website that run by the local professionals which ready answer your question 24/7. Just like Halodoc in Indonesia. You could talk to them and tell them about your issue and they will give you the perfect daily dose of exercise you need. (*)

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