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Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level ILLUSTRATION – Beverage with milk enriched with inulin and beta-glucan. (PHOTO: MSN.com)

TIMESPAPUA, JAKARTA – High cholesterol is one of the biggest causes of heart disease. Luckily, you can lower and stabilize your cholesterol level. Here are several ways to lower your cholesterol level.

1. Stop and avoid smoking

Carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other harmful chemical substances in a cigarette could increase the level of LDL and triglyceride. Both of them could build up plaque in the artery.

Therefore, if you want to lower your cholesterol level, you should stop and avoid smoking.

2. Be more physically active

Physical activities could be a good exercise for your body. Besides, it could also lower your cholesterol level. Those who are spending much time by sitting behind the desk at work is much likely to have a higher cholesterol level than those who are more physically active.

3. Eat less junk food

Junk food is high in sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. Eating too much junk food could lead to excessive weight gain, as well as increasing the cholesterol level.

4. Get enough exercise

Getting enough exercise could help lower your cholesterol level. Besides, exercise could also control your ideal body weight.

5. Drink milk enriched with inulin and beta-glucan

Eating more fibers, such as beta-glucan and inulin, could lower your cholesterol level.

According to the study, beta-glucan could interact with triglyceride. Therefore, it could lower your cholesterol level. Meanwhile, the prebiotic content in inulin could also lower the LDL inside the body. You can get those benefits from any beverages with milk enriched with beta-glucan and inulin. In short, you should have a healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and regular medical check-up. (*)

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